cot bed duvet size cm Cot bed duvet size cm

For cot beds or emperor beds, shoppers may have less of a selection. Duvet Construction There are a several options when it comes to duvet construction, each with its own advantages.

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  • Box Construction Duvets with box construction are divided by a series of perpendicular seams into separate squares that hold a certain amount of filling. This construction keeps the filling equally distributed for an even level of warmth. For this reason, box construction is the most common construction for duvets. Channel Construction Duvets with channel construction feature several seams that run lengthwise, dividing it into channels.

    cot bed duvet size cm Cot bed duvet size cm

    The filling can shift along these channels, which for some may be a disadvantage. However, for those who like a concentration of warmth at their feet, for example, channel construction may be ideal. Sewn-Through Construction Sewn-through construction means that the duvet features seams that sew both sides of the shell together.

    cot bed duvet size cm Cot bed duvet size cm

    It is durable and more affordable than baffle construction, but may allow feathers to pass through needle holes, resulting in cold spots. Baffle Construction As opposed to sewn-through construction, baffle construction features strips of fabric within the duvet itself, acting as walls to keep the feathers in place. The result is the elimination of cold spots and maximum warmth.

    Baffle construction is important for duvets with a higher tog rating. Duvet Filling Options Choosing a filling material for a duvet is a large part of the selection process.

    Down and Feathers Down duvets are made from the soft, fluffy feathers of the undercoating of a goose or duck. Down feathers trap air and wick away moisture for a warm, breathable cover. Goose down is more lightweight than duck down, and goose-down duvets are often regarded as a height of luxurious bedding.

    In general, down duvets have some mix of down and feathers. Higher-quality duvets have a higher percentage of down.

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  • Down comforters vary in washing instructions. Some require professional cleaning, whereas others are machine-washable. Shoppers should note care instructions when comparing products, and also purchase a duvet cover , which can be easily removed and cleaned.

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    Down and Feather Sourcing Some companies that produce down and feather products have ethical sourcing policies that protect animal welfare. This may include sourcing their down and feathers from suppliers who follow a code of conduct, and are prohibited from live-plucking the ducks and geese.

    Shoppers concerned about this issue can research individual companies to find out more about their sourcing policies.

    Wool and Silk Those who are allergic to feathers but want a natural filling may find wool or silk duvets a good alternative. Synthetic There are also synthetic fillings for duvets that can be non-allergenic, lightweight, warm, and easy to care for.

    A quilt can also double as a play mat, when the child is supervised. We should be sure that there's absolutely no risk of it coming off.

    The following chart outlines basic ranges of tog ratings, and the recommendations for each level of warmth.



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