john lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog John lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog
john lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog John lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog

Make sure these measure up to the duvet cover on the labels before you buy. Are heavier duvets warmer than lighter ones? Because natural duvets have better thermal properties than synthetically filled ones, they need less filling to achieve the same level of warmth, making their weight misleading. Some high-end down duvets feel practically weightless, for example, yet can keep you toastier than a cheap, heavy man-made one.

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  • What about fill power? The higher the fill power, the better the duvet is, both in terms of content and how long it is likely to last. What filling should I go for? Your first choice is between natural and synthetic.

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  • Duvets made from natural fillings - wool, silk, feathers or down — tend to be more breathable and therefore suitable for all seasons and they last longer, sometimes up to 30 years. The most lightweight are those with down filling — great for insulation as they trap warm air in and keep cold air out. Meanwhile, feather fillings tend to be heavier, due to the quills. You can also get a combination of both.

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    But while these are no good for allergy sufferers, both silk and wool fillings are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. There are plenty of options, each with their own characteristics, so be sure to do your homework.

    Examples include classic hollowfibre warm, springy, plump , quadfill hollowfibre lightweight , cirrus hollowfibre breathable and microfibre hollowfibre feels like down , just to name a few. What other features should I look out for?

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  • With natural duvets, check that the filling is contained in separate chambers to ensure even distribution. To help prevents cold spots and flattening, regularly shake the duvet from side to side. Also consider the quality of the casing, which can affect softness against the skin even with a duvet cover over it and breathability. The best duvets to buy 1. The best duvet for summer Price when reviewed: It arrives vacuum packed — so easy to get home — and we like the fact that the filling is evenly distributed and you can put it in the washing machine as often as you like.

    Duvets usually come in 4. Other less common types of duvet not mentioned so far include: Last night when DS woke, my husband lifted the mattress up and tucked loads more of the duvet under the mattress - I find this hard to do when changing the bed on my own so this may be a new job for DH!

    Key specs — Tog rating: The best duvet for winter Price when reviewed: The button holes — located on each corner — are handy if you want to join it to another duvet, although we think one of the warmer two tog options are perfect for the cooler months. Regularly turn it around to avoid too much wear in particular areas, as well as airing it.

    The Simba Hybrid Duvet: The best choice for allergy sufferers Price when reviewed: The best budget duvet to buy Price when reviewed: The ultimate duvet Price when reviewed: As for the eye-watering price tag, remember that a this is a rare bird and b they only use down that is hand collected in Iceland once the chicks have left the nest. Washing not recommended; Sizes: Single, double, king, superking and emperor; Warranty: Nimbus Bronze All Seasons Duvet: The best all-seasons duvet Price when reviewed: For summer, the 4.

    john lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog John lewis cot bed duvet 4 tog

    And for those really chilly winter nights, simply button the two together for the ultimate in luxurious cosiness, but without that really heavy and cumbersome feeling that many other all-seasons duvets give.



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