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They were usually held in a local public-house, ale house, municipal building, or parish workhouse, but sometimes in the building where the death occurred. The Coroner usually came from a legal or medical background and more often than not, appointed for life by the respective County.

The Coroner and a Jury of between 12 and 24 persons, usually men of substantial standing, were empanelled to examine the body, hear witnesses, and the Jury then to come to a Verdict as to Cause of Death. The account of the Inquest appearing in local newspapers, included the name of the deceased, where they died, and how they died. Sometimes, age, occupation, parish or address, and other relatives' names can be found.

In later years when Hospitals appear, people can be dying away from their parish after having been admitted to that institution, and the Inquest is therefore conducted where the death occurred, rather than where the person was living.

Provided by Lindsey Withers [No's in brackets indicate the number of times that name occurs] [Names Included: It was stated that she was enceinte, and the Jury returned a verdict of "Death from Natural Causes," with a rider censuring the father for neglecting to obtain medical aid before.

john lewis rachel cot bed dark wood John lewis rachel cot bed dark wood

Harriett Farley said that deceased lodged with her, and was very much depressed as the man said he had the itch. Samuel White, clay cutter, said that on Saturday morning deceased was looking very strange when he came to see him. Deceased was "in a pickle about having the sack for calling another man Blinker. Deceased shouted to witness, saying he wanted to be seen go into the water.

He called "Here goes"! Witness raised an alarm, and with others threw a rope and a stick to deceased, who refused to catch hold of anything. Dr Dempster said he had attended deceased who, two months ago, suffered from itch.

On Friday night deceased came to him rather excited, saying that some of the others said he was not rid of the disease, but he witness told him that there was no fear. Witness examined the deceased after he was taken out of the water, and in his opinion death was due to drowning. The Jury, of whom Mr Vile was Foreman, returned a verdict to the effect that deceased committed suicide whilst in a state of Temporary Insanity.

Steele Perkins said in his opinion death was due to convulsions. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned. The Jury returned a verdict of "Death from Natural Causes" and added that deceased's wife showed gross neglect in not calling assistance.

Marychurch, the evidence of Dr Finch was to the effect that the child was healthy, but death was due to convulsions, and the Jury returned a verdict accordingly. Several Jurors were of opinion that it was a case of neglect, as the hatchways should have been closed as soon as the work of discharging was finished.

The Jury returned an open verdict. The medical evidence went to show that death was due to a diseased liver and acute pneumonia accelerated by exposure. An Inquest will be held tomorrow. Ordering the Jury to be Locked Up. Hampton was chosen Foreman of the Jury. Witness fed the child on bread, sugar and milk.

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  • The child was found dead in bed this morning about nine o'clock. Deceased's life was insured, but "she was not payable. You say the child's life is insured? Yes, but I shall not get any money, as the deceased is not payable.

    How was the child brought to the Police Station from Cricklepit-street? In a cab by my orders. I did it for your convenience, because I thought it would be better for you to come here and hold the Inquest than go to Cricklepit-street. I want to know the name of the cabman who brought the corpse to the station. I do not know. Has a cabman a right to take a dead body into his cab?

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  • Certainly; I gave orders. I doubt whether a man has a right to take a dead body in a licensed carriage. I know the law on the matter. I don't care for that. I have my opinion, and the Coroner has his. You can object as much as you like. I am speaking feelingly.

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  • I want to know the name of the cabman who brought the child to the Police Station. That has nothing to do with it.

    john lewis rachel cot bed dark wood John lewis rachel cot bed dark wood

    We are here as Jurymen, and not to have our mouths shut up. The cabman brought the deceased to the Police Station through my orders. I want to know the name of the cabman, and I will have it. We are not a lot of dummies.

    I must ask you to sit down and be quiet. If you answer my question I will. We as Jurymen are entitled to put questions and have answers. I want the name of that cabman. If you keep us here until tomorrow night I'll have it. I consider that is necessary.

    I tell you it was done through my orders. Do you know the number of the cab?

    I will pledge you that you shall have his name. The Jury returned a verdict of "Death from Natural Causes. Cox, at the Rolle Hotel on Thursday.

    I want to know whether a cab driver can put a corpse in his cab? I shall find out. Are you on the Jury? I am here watching the proceedings on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Then you can ask questions. Mr Hart then asked questions.

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    About seven or eight weeks ago. How long ago did you insure the deceased. About a fortnight before her illness. Mr Clapp, surgeon, residing and practising in Exeter, proved attending the deceased a good time before death. Witness was called yesterday morning when he found the child dead in bed. He examined the body, and found no marks of violence. In his opinion death was due to convulsions. All the children of the previous witness were unhealthy. Would the way in which the mother fed the child have anything to do with the death?

    I don't think so. You say, sir that the children of the woman are unhealthy? You last visited this child on the 24th of December, did you not? I considered the deceased was then in tolerably good health. I thought she was sufficiently well.

    Are you a parish doctor? Not that I am going to comment on that. If another medical man had been called in would he not have visited the child later than you did? I shall not answer that question. At that time I considered the child was sufficiently well. One of them died a short time since at the Sanatorium. Was there any fever in this particular case? I was going to suggest that the Sanitary Inspector might disinfect this cab.

    There was no infection. I want to know the name of the cabman. I shall not consider the verdict without that. If you are turning around to his fellow Jurymen I am not. I want to know the name of that cabman.



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