john lewis rachel cot bed dimensions John lewis rachel cot bed dimensions

Checkout All about zip and links This article will help explain zip and link mattresses and the variety of uses. A zip and link mattress is essentially two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form one bed or separated to make two individual beds.

Whether it be a split tension mattress, a bed for a guest house or spare room zip and links offer flexibility for your sleeping requirements. What is a zip and link Bed?

This is a bed that can be either one big bed or two single beds by means of linking bars on the base and zippers on the mattresses to enable it to be separated when and if you need them to be. They can also be crafted with a different spring tension on each side; great for differently weighted sleepers.

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  • Secondly, most stairwells cannot take a full super king size mattress to be delivered. A zip and link makes delivery possible.

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    Extra king is a specialist size and only suitable with the appropriate Divan Base. If using zipped mattresses in a bed frame, you will have to ensure the enclosure is slightly bigger than the intended mattress size.

    Will zip and links fit on a bedframe? On a well-built mattress, the side panels will no doubt have additional upholstery that would not be on a cheaper mattress.

    So, four sides 2 on each mattress has to be accommodated inside the bed frame along with the slight join where the zippers are. Otherwise, it would have to be crammed in and therefore, buckle or be centrally raised. When buying a bed frame and a good quality mattress always ensure that the enclosure on the frame is slightly bigger than the mattress size. About king size zip and links A king size ziplink is the same overall size as a standard kingsize bed.

    This size of the bed is practical when room size cannot accommodate a super king size bed. It is only the length of the bed that differentiates it from the super king size. Always bear in mind that some retailers describe this size as a Superking which it clearly is not.

    Always check on the overall size before purchasing. This size of bed is ideal when your available room space is at a premium. This is the standard size of a superking size bed whether it be a ziplink or one piece. Will you feel the zippers? The zippers are situated on the sides at the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattresses to be joined together.

    They are manufactured so that the zippers are just beneath the seam on the edge of the mattress. When together the seams fold over the zipper. What you will be aware of is the noticeable join of two mattresses butted together.

    If you go for a one piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design, when the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be verticle no fancy shapes or protrusions metal headboards. Zip and links for hotel or guest houses Ziplinks are also an ideal solution for hotels and guest houses where the bed can be adapted to suit the guests requirements — either twin beds or one luxurious big bed.

    The bunnies on the picture ledge are Jellycat lucky Lyra was bought so many rabbit soft toys when she was born. Do let me know if you have any questions.

    I personally think that you do not have to spend a fortune on beds for Guest house or hotel use. It would be better to change the mattresses on a yearly basis than to pay more in order for the mattress to last longer. This not only is a more hygienic option but also can be used as a selling point to your guests.

    john lewis rachel cot bed dimensions John lewis rachel cot bed dimensions

    Summary Zip and links have many benefits enabling split tensions and to split the beds for two separate guests. They really are incredibly flexible! If using zip and links for a guest house then comfort should, of course, be the main consideration, but also, remember that the beds will be used for seating and resting a lot more than it will in a domestic setting.

    Therefore, when making your selection look for the durability aspects of the mattress as well as the comfort level.

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  • Our Origins or Origins Reflex mattresses are ideal for guest house situations.



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