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They first appear together in the episode broadcast on 17 January , [42] and made their final appearances in the episode broadcast on 21 July They are both unfriendly towards her when Louise tries to speak to them. After Bex is told she will be interviewed under caution, she tells Louise she will admit the truth, so Louise confesses that Madison and Alexandra were responsible for sending it on and she should think about bringing them into it.

In the toilets, Madison and Alexandra push Bex, Madison tears her shirt and Alexandra writes "dirty" on her face while Louise stands outside. Madison and Alexandra are forced to leave. They leave and order Louise to come with them. They later find Bex in the local chicken shop and Madison tells Bex that she owes her a new top, and Alexandra insults Bex's weight.

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  • They then tell Bex that they will always be around and she cannot escape them. Louise tries to stop her from doing it but Alexandra stamps on the guitar, leaving Bex in bits.

    Later the same day, Alexandra and Louise tell Bex that they are planning revenge on Madison, so Bex warns Madison of this; Madison thanks her and they meet up, where Madison offers her truffles. As Bex is revulsed by the taste, Alexandra and Louise emerge, filming Bex's reaction, saying it was cat faeces.

    Bex later watches a video they posted online of them making the fake truffle from mud and showing Bex's reaction. Madison and Alexandra tell Louise they have to report to Mrs Lund every day because of her, and then agree with each other that she has disrespected them and must not get away with it.

    This causes Louise to miss a drama rehearsal and they tell her she cannot miss another one or she will be unable to take part in a talent show. Madison and Alexandra graffiti "cougar" on a wall, targeted at Michelle.

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  • They tell Louise she could have a chance at going out with Travis, and though she says Alexandra is more his type, they laugh at Louise's crush when she leaves the room.

    Later, when Louise's stepmother, Sharon Mitchell Letitia Dean and Michelle get home drunk, Alexandra and Madison are amused when Louise berates them and tells them how alcohol has affected her family, so they decide to use it against her.

    Madison and Alexandra invite Travis to the party, overheard by Bex. Bex tries to warn Louise that Madison and Alexandra cannot be trusted but Louise just accuses her of jealousy. Louise unknowingly has drinks that Madison and Alexandra spiked, resulting in Louise getting drunk.

    I would scorn to ticket the skeleton of that frugal and thrifty madame. Billy McKean, as the irreverent called him, was a picture of Pickwick, and a clever, kindly old man was he.

    Madison and Alexandra take selfies with Louise when she is too drunk to know about it. Louise is sick and as she staggers outside, she collapses after bringing up blood, panicking Madison, Alexandra, Keegan, Travis and Bex. Alexandra gets herself out of trouble by telling Louise and Bex that Travis may not have been responsible for spiking her drink and Louise insists that Madison and Alexandra are still her friends, but Bex worries that they have targeted Louise.

    Bex tells Louise that Alexandra is lying but Louise believes Alexandra. Alexandra overhears Bex telling Shakil that Alexandra will mess up in the showcase so decides to take revenge. Shakil hears the bullying through headphones and intentionally turns up the volume through the soundboard for everyone to hear; exposing them.

    john lewis tara cot bed white John lewis tara cot bed white

    Alexandra and Madison are publicly shamed and humiliated after Louise smugly tells them that they are caught out. They are then angrily ordered by Mrs Lund to her office.

    Alexandra asks Keegan for help to ruin the prom. Travis arranges an area behind the stage with candles for him and Louise.

    john lewis tara cot bed white John lewis tara cot bed white

    Alexandra and Madison turn up and Louise berates them and their actions and Alexandra pushes Louise onto lit candles, setting off the fire alarms and sprinklers.

    Keegan is sickened by Madison and Alexandra's actions and drags them onto the stage, where Alexandra denies it being their fault. The police arrive to get statements where Madison and Alexandra turn against each other as Alexandra tries to blame Madison.

    Madison and Alexandra are both arrested for GBH and students insult the pair as they are escorted out.

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