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Because of these factors the cottages have limited wheelchair access. We have tried to provide as much information as possible in the following statement but if you have any further queries or specific needs please contact us. Whilst the restrictions imposed by the planning authority often limit flexibility when converting old farm building for example limiting the creation of new openings or alterations to the width of existing ones we have sought, within those constraints, to enhance the accessibility where possible for guests with impaired mobility.

Pre-arrival We have a website www.

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There is no bus service within 3mls. The nearest train station is Great Yarmouth 5mls. Tesco deliver direct to you cottage Order on line. Arrival The long private road 1 mile from the main A to Lower Wood Farm is unlit and a speed limit of 20 mph is requested.

Arrival at Lower Wood Farm the cottage car park is on your left. The area is flat with spray tar and stone surface. There are no marked parking bays but there is ample room for all cars.

From the car park, paths to all cottages are minimum of mm wide and are mainly all level. The main path to the swimming pool has a slight slope, and the path up to the patio leading to the games room has a 1 in 16 slope or steps. The complex pathways are lit from dark until 11 pm.

Because the cottage car park area is away from the cottages and guests are unable to access close to cottage doors to unload luggage.

Please request if you will require assistance upon arrival. This arrangement has a plus factor for small children that cars are parked away from cottages. You will be personally welcomed upon arrival to your cottage.

Arrival details are sent with your final holiday payment receipt. All our cottages are central heated. Certain cottages by the nature of design have sloping ceilings and exposed beams that restrict height in certain areas. All floorings are fitted carpet, laminate and tile. All main stairs have hand rails where applicable. All windows are double-glazed. All lighting is bright with added lamps, up-lighters and reading lamps where applicable. There is a good colour contrast of walls, floor and fittings.

All cottages are fitted with mains smoke alarms and all have emergency lighting. All cottages are Non-smoking. We do not accept pets. Rules are in place to ensure that guests use the swimming pool safely and children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Guests are given a personal guided tour of facilities and are talked through the health and safety procedures we have implemented for all guests well being.

Floor Hazards Outdoor toys must be returned to the Wendy house and not left on pathways. All floor surfaces were placed to meet the required building standards.

Spillages that may cause falls must be cleaned at once. Tiled floor areas can be a hazard and indoor footwear is advised slippers. Outdoor shoes are for outdoor use and for cleaniness of cottages best left at the door. Fire Safety Risk Assessment Source of fire ignition: The main fire hazards at Lower Wood Farm probably come from embers falling from the open fires, from cooking barbeques and from guests smoking.

This latter hazard should have been removed as lower Wood Farm is a Non-Smoking premises. The main sources of fuel at Lower wood Farm that are combustible are coal and oil.

Identify people at risk: People in and around the premises: We have our guests and our Family; there may be other visitors from time to time. Some will be small children and elderly relatives or may have mobility issues.

We would definately come again. We will definitely return. The Stairs and landings to bedrooms and bathrooms may limit certain guests.

Evaluate, remove or reduce and protect from risk: Evaluate the risk of a fire starting: The likelihood of the coal catching fire without assistance is viewed as unlikely. The likelihood of a cooker fire depends upon the care exercised by the guests. Fire extinguishers are provided. The oil is stored in appropriate tanks and it is very unlikely that diesel will catch fire in such circumstances. The highest risk probably comes from embers falling onto the carpet from the open fires, although all have hearths that meet building regulations.

We provide fire guards for the two open fires in The Farmhouse and The Appleloft Cottage and all guests should use them.

Evaluate the risk to people from a fire: All of the cottages have ground level windows and 3 of the cottages are single storey buildings; most of the layouts gives guests a variety of options to leave the building safely. Each cottage has a exit door key by the main exit door in a break glass fire key holder, in the event that the locked door key is not available.

S is a lovely place to stay. Lounge fitted carpet, settee mm high to seat. Please note that a reference below to a door having a width limit for example mm means that a wheelchair or buggy of greater width would not pass through it, measurements having been taken with the door open to its fullest extent.

Guests are advised on arrival that they must account for all their party in the event of a fire and to call and explain that they are at Lower Wood Farm Country Cottages, not for example Beech Cottage. Remove or reduce the fire hazard: As all the properties have been built or converted in the last 12 years, we have minimised fire risks from the outset by following building regulations. The coal is stored away from the occupied cottages.

Protect people by providing fire precautions: We have provided fire extinguishers in each cottage and guests have the fire precaution and basic procedures explained to them in the welcome pack and upon arrival. We have fitted smoke detectors and emergency lighting in all the cottages to current Building Regulations. The Swimming Pool The pool is a single story building with 2 external doors. The main entrance has a combination lock. Escape through the pool patio doors which are locked is possible and has a break glass key holder with key.

The emergency lighting system in the pool area guides guests to the exits. Record, plan, inform, instruct and train: Record any major findings and action you have taken: Aside from the above we have not had any major findings to report. Discuss and work with other responsible people: We have a detailed knowledge of the buildings and I have discussed all options with suitably qualified tradesman. Prepare an emergency plan: The emergency plan is explained clearly to guests. Get all your party out and accounted for and call and say you are at Lower Wood Farm Country Cottages.

As above we ask our guests to notify as soon as any emergency situation arises. All part time staff have also been trained into the basic procedure, get everyone out and accounted for and dial and say: Lower Wood Farm Country Cottages. Then notify owners, and take no risks themselves.

We trust that the information in this note will be useful in that respect, but we would be happy to address any questions not answered here.

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  • Please note that a reference below to a door having a width limit for example mm means that a wheelchair or buggy of greater width would not pass through it, measurements having been taken with the door open to its fullest extent. The principal point of access to Braeburn Barn are from the main entrance into which those with mobility limitations are welcome to drive their vehicle to the covered porch. Visitors can alight from their vehicle onto a set down area of gravel.

    Height of porch step is12mm from gravel to paved porch. External front door is 74mm wide with 8mm threshold with drop of 3mm inside. Entry via the back door from the main cottage car park which is of level spray tar and stone, paths are slab and are minimum of mm wide and mainly level through to cottages doors. Each cottage is provided with a torch. The Main hall way is mm x mm with a tiled floor. The hall way leads through to the back door down a small hall way with a drop of mm to a lower level mm x mm which leads to the back door which has a restricted height of mm, width mm, 20mm threshold drop inside to drop to outside path of mm.

    The Main Hall way has doors leading to 4 bedrooms and one straight flight of stairs to the main living area. En-suite Please note change of floor level. Door is mm wide bathroom step down mm tiled floor, bath mm high with access all around, toilet mm , sink mm high, corner shower mm step into shower tray. Family Bathroom entry from small hallway leading to back door Please note change of floor level from main hallway Door mm, bath mm high access all around, toilet mm, two sinks height mm, corner shower with step into shower tray mm.

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  • Main stairs to living area is a straight flight with hand rails both sides and stair gates for children are provided. First step is wooden mm high followed by 10 steps of mm high with carpet. Open plan living area Warning low beams cause restricted height in certain areas.

    Kitchen and dining area is tiled, electric double oven mm high to hob with under counter ovens with side hinged doors and drop down door to grill.

    cot bed fitted sheets tesco Cot bed fitted sheets tesco

    Work tops mm high. Dining table height mm chairs mm. Lounge fitted carpet, settee mm high to seat.



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