next to me cot bed sheets Next to me cot bed sheets
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My mattress was cm h x 60cm w x 10cm d. Time for some maths! Therefore my finished sheet was cm h x cm w. Plus I then added on 5cm of Seam Allowance all around.

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  • Making the final measurement cm h x cm w. This pic might make better sense! Fold your final cut sized pieces in half just to make things quicker. In each corner, measure out squares that we will need to cut out. To be precise, these are the squares which measure double the depth of the mattress.

    So in my case I am cutting out squares of 20cm. It's better to sew from the point to the edge of the fabric. If you have an overlocker boy, do I miss my overlocker! Repeat for all corners. Next is the hot work This equates to half of your overall seam allowance around the sheet. I find that pressing with a hot iron as I go the easiest. Work your way around the sheet.

    Once you have worked a nice pressed inch or your nominated seam allowance right the way around the cot sheet, it's time to start making a nice hem. Simply turn the hem edge back under itself to the pressed line.

    October 18, Review: Due to my baby being next to me I hear him stirring, and am able to feed him lying down.

    You'll end up with something like this Once you've finished the hem wasn't that fun! There isn't any mathematical reason as to why I choose 20cm to cut my pieces of elastic.

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  • It just seemed like a logical size considering the squares I cut out in each corner. So I snipped up 4 pieces of 6mm elastic at 20cm. The basic rule of sewing elastic is that you need to stretch it as you sew over the area that needs to be gathered or stretchy. So I pinned an end of the elastic 20cm from each direction of the corner seam.

    next to me cot bed sheets Next to me cot bed sheets

    This making my 20cm elastic stretch over a 40cm area. The 'slack' should look like this. Now time for sewing, place your machine on a zig zag stitch that is roughly the same width as your elastic.

    next to me cot bed sheets Next to me cot bed sheets

    Use the hand wheel to secure a few first stitches take your pin out so that it doesn't snap under the pin! Now, you'll need to use both hands to stretch the elastic flat against the sheet while making sure it doesn't snap back behind the needle. Always remember to do a few stitches in reverse to secure the ends of the thread.

    To avoid exposing your baby to cigarettes: Co-sleeping means an adult sleeping beside a baby in a bed, on a sofa or chair. If your baby is being transported in a car, they should be carried in a properly designed and fitted car seat, facing backwards, and preferably be in sight of an adult.

    Behind the needle, you should have a nice gathered corner! Repeat on all corners. Now it's time to tell if it fits This technique is not just for baby cots, we can employ the exact same instructions on any mattress. I actually think I may make all our sheets from now on



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