cot toddler bed convert Cot toddler bed convert

Blog 7 Benefits of Choosing a Toddler Bed Being there for your baby, day and night is what characterises the first phase of parenthood. Yet the time must come for a child to transcend their cot or crib, giving them a little independence that will follow them into the toddler stage.

Here are seven cleverly thought out reasons why we do: Apartments, studio flats and modest houses may not have the room for a big nursery.

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The bed will thus be far easier to build and shift depending on what else surrounds it. This means more room for your changing table, nursery storage and whatever other units might make up the landscape of the room.

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  • R Design Toddler Bed 2. After all, the nursery should be a haven for growing explorers, and no parent wants to wade through the blizzard of a game in action when entertaining family or cleaning the house. Luxury Wood Toddler Bed 3.

    cot toddler bed convert Cot toddler bed convert

    By this we mean the evolution of that initial bed purchase — one that scales up with your darling as they eat their greens, growing mightily with each passing month. Families willing to get the most out of their money could do with a multi-functional unit that sets you up nicely for the next few years.

    Children take a while to adapt to their newfound autonomy; having an enclosing frame makes the transition easier, reminding them of the snug confines of their cot.

    For more details read our Privacy Policy. Children can occasionally fall out of bed in their sleep. If possible, make the transition from cot to bed before the birth of your baby or a few months after.

    Toddler beds stop thrashing arms and legs from causing kiddies to roll onto the floor unawares, allowing you to rest assured that your little one is safe and sound at lights out. Leander Cot and Junior Bed 5. Race Car Toddler Bed 6. Changing the sheets is easier Your girl or boy may be a few heads taller than they were last year, but they still could be prone to accidents in the middle of the night.

    cot toddler bed convert Cot toddler bed convert

    As any parent can tell you, doing such tasks will become second nature, so it might as well be as painless as possible. Kids Junior Caravan Bed 7. Why is this important? What you provide for them now will set them in good stead for the future, including we hope!

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